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It's Time to WA CUP!

The story

It's Time to wa cup


Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic – everything from plastic bottles and bags to microbeads – end up in our oceans each year. That's a truck load of rubbish a minute. According to a new study, the majority of this waste comes from 5 countries: Indonesia, China, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.  

The plastic pollution in our oceans is seriously harmful to wildlife and to humans. The plastic melts in the heat of the sun whilst releasing cancer causing chemicals to humans. Many animals become trapped in this material or ingest it, mistaking it for food. This results in animals choking on the plastic and suffering painful deaths.


About WA CUP

WA CUP is a non-profit organisation that has recently been set-up with the aim to reduce plastic pollution. This is done by the promotion of using reusable water bottles as opposed to single-use plastic. 

The WA CUP bottles were originally  made from (BPA Free) plastic. Since then we have created new WA CUPs made from aluminium, a much more eco-friendly material than plastic! All proceeds from the bottles will be spent on spreading awareness of the cause. The bottles have the campaign's name and logo printed on them which will spread awareness of the message - to stop using single-use plastic. 

These bottles will be sent to schools in the most affected areas such as Thailand and Vietnam. Children will be educated on the crisis and how small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference to our planet.

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