The story

Clare Thomson, 26 UK

In August 2016 I decided to move (solo) to Thailand. I lived and taught Music and English on the paradise island Koh Samui. After a year I decided to move to Phat Thiet, a costal city in Vietnam. 

Whilst living in Asia I couldn't help but notice how much rubbish was in the sea; mainly plastic bottles. But I was wasting plastic too. I was buying bottled  water every day due to the fact the tap water in Asia can make you ill. There were no recycling facilities like we have in the UK so I knew all my used bottles were ending up in the sea. 

I knew we needed to come up with something that dealt with the root of the problem. I discovered there was lots of local, clean water sources that were much cheaper and that didn't use plastic. I searched for reusable bottles but none seemed to be promoting the important message of re-using so I created the WA CUP bottle. 

The Story